Dirty pleasure In BDSM, the practice of hot chocolate (also called indifferently caviar) is one of the most extreme. It’s a practice for very few elected slaves: in fact you really have to be a real male slave or a real female slave to be able to suffer it.There must be an absolute feeling between

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Wax play

Hot wax In BDSM, one of the most exciting and intriguing games is undoubtedly the one with hot wax: practically everyone likes the hot wax game, both men and women.Both the slave woman and the slave man generally accept this torment without too many problems, also because this is a torture in the fetish-BDSM world

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Sexual punishment

Sex slaves In the BDSM fetish the sexual punishment of the female slave or the male slave for their mistakes is a very frequent practice.The Master really enjoys fucking the slave girl or the slave boy, even several times a day.For example, I am a Master who when I feel like it, that is very

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Intimate pleasure In BDSM, the enema is a very common practice.The Master can use it both to perfectly clean the anus and rectum of the male slave or female slave to test the submissive’s resistance (man or woman) to retain fluids within the intestine, and as a preparation for anal penetration, with cock or other

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Anal treatment

Endless pleasure Anal treatment plays an important role in BDSM, whether with a female slave or a male slave.It is one of the most frequent disciplines among those required in fetish-sadomasochistic games.Everyone likes anal treatment but it’s not for everyone: all slaves, men and women, fantasize about anal treatment, but not everyone can undergo it

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Caging (also overnight)

The pleasure of being in the cage Living, in the sense of being in a cage and sleeping in a cage is a very exciting experience in fetish-BDSM.All this while being completely naked, of course!In fact, total nudity, for the male slave or for the female slave, is the essential element of their slavery towards

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