Fucking machine

Sex toys Sex toys play a very important role in BDSM. Among these sex toys, the absolute best is the fucking machine.The fucking machine, in fact, in fetish-BDSM allows to fully satisfy both the desires of the slaves, women or men, and the perverse pleasure of the Master.It is a truly fabulous toy: tireless and …

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Role-playing games (also as Master for fetish / BDSM fantasies)

Fetish BDSM what a passion! One of the most requested services by women and couples as part of the escort service is undoubtedly that as Master in fetish-BDSM games.Indeed, starting from the 2000s this type of service has certainly had a great surge in consensus among customers, all “passionately” crazy about fetish-sadomasochistic games.In fact, this …

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Erik Master BDSM Bondage Fetish Prodom Sadomasochism Feet Leather


Fetish BDSM Bondage is one of the most used practice in fetish-BDSM. It is a practice that gives great satisfaction to the Master who practices it, but also to the slave man / slave girl who undergoes it. It consists in tying or locking the slave and this game can last even hours in BDSM. …

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