Intimate pleasure

In BDSM, the enema is a very common practice.
The Master can use it both to perfectly clean the anus and rectum of the male slave or female slave to test the submissive’s resistance (man or woman) to retain fluids within the intestine, and as a preparation for anal penetration, with cock or other objects.
The enema has very ancient historical origins, dating back to Ancient Egypt: at that time a straw was used to be inserted into a person’s rectum, while another person filled his mouth with water to pour it inside the straw. It has always been considered both a medical and an erotic practice, in fact it is not uncommon to find ancient illustrations depicting people intent on receiving this particular treatment.
There are various types of enemas that can be used in BDSM: the pear and the bag, both with the cannula, the steel syringe with the steel spout, or the anal dildo specially designed for the anal shower.
And now let’s see how a Prodom must perform this practice to ensure the safety of the slave (male or female).
First of all the submissive (male or female) must be completely naked in front of the Master. To do the enema the slave (male or female) must be either in the bathtub or in the shower.
Then the enema must be well lubricated by the Master and gradually introduced into the rectum of the slave (male or female), who anus must be lubricated to allow a better flow of the enema in the rectal tract.
Once the enema has been introduced, fluids, bought at the pharmacy (my advice), can begin to be introduced through it into the slave’s rectum. The latter will perceive a stimulus that will lead him to want to expel these liquids. At this point we arrive at the last phase, namely the evacuation that must take place in the presence of the dominator (or Master).
The enemas, according to the erotic fantasy or personal taste of the Prodom, to make this BDSM game even more exciting, can also be filled with only water or milk or cream (the latter two are really cool, make the game beautiful and make their own desire to penetrate the submissive’s asshole, in various ways, with the cock, with the dildos, with the plugs or with the hands).
Personally, as a Master, I love to give my slave an enema with cream or milk, especially if in couple, and then I force the other slave to eat the cream or milk expelled from the partner’s anus! Crazy cool!
Or I let the cream or milk ejected from the submissive’s anus fall on my beautiful erect cock, and force the other slave to lick and wipe my cock well with his tongue (or her tongue)!
Indeed, based on my experience of Prodom, I can confirm that after having an enema of this type, there is a great desire to fuck the asshole of the submissive woman or man, or of the couple.
And after anal penetration, I always want to see the ass hole of my female slave or my male slave embellished with a diamond anal plug, maybe Swarovski!
That’s right, the BDSM fetish really has an infinite number of game modes, to satisfy all tastes!

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