Sex with two or more female/male slaves – part two

Wild sex

In BDSM, the Master has sex with two or more female slaves or male slaves: he loves that.
This situation is one of the most enjoyable things in BDSM, both for the Master and for the slaves.
As a Master, every week I have sex during sessions with several slaves at the same time: this relaxes me a lot and gives me the right energy to carry on my business in this sector.
When I have sex with two or more women or men at the same time, I always try to change something, every BDSM session is always different, so the variety doesn’t bother me …
Also because sometimes the slaves with whom I have sex are the same ones with whom I have already experienced multiple sex and therefore it is necessary to make changes, even just one detail is enough, it is not necessarily that there is a need for who knows what, even if the fetish-BDSM really offers a lot of solutions.
It drives me crazy having sex with two or more slaves tied in the same room, first I torture them properly, making them want, if not even making them beg to ask me to have sex with them, just to stop the torment on their body and then fuck them with my jewel of flesh always nice hard and ready to use, or with my beautiful fucking machines. And they always thank the Master.
To begin with, I drop drops of hot wax on their body, on the most sensitive areas, the breasts, nipples, navel, palm of hands, cock and testicles or pussy, instep, then I put them on belly to the ground and I drop the hot drops on their backs, buttocks, asshole, thighs, calves and soles of the feet. Here too the slaves thank their Master.
Then I move on to torture the female slaves or the male slaves with the violet wand that gives the electric shock on the bare skin.
Again, I move on to cold water torture on the intimate areas, testicles and vagina. The desire of the slaves to have sex with me, their sublime Master, grows more and more…
Then I whip the female slaves or the male slaves on the intimate areas, trying to provoke them to the point of begging to stop and thus indulge in everything and for all my sexual desires!
Only a true Prodom can go that far with two or more women or men…
At this point, to get to the sweet in BDSM, I have sex with two or more female slaves for several hours, until my inordinate sexual appetite is satisfied.
In having sex, I neglect nothing: I put my cock where I like it most, in the mouth, on the face, in the asshole, in the pussy, on the ears, in their hands, on the breasts or on the nipples…
But then when I have to cum, and I always have to do this with two or more slaves, the cum has to happen inside their mouth, every time. Then the fetish-BDSM sex session ends with a good piss in the mouths of the two slaves.
During BDSM sex, I have my plastic love table where when I have sex with two or more slaves, if a drop of my delicious cum falls on the plastic, then the slave has to lick the cum well until the table is spotless.
At that point everyone is really happy, the Prodom, that is me, and the slaves.

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