Long-time education (including nights)

High fidelity

In BDSM, long-term education is a situation valid only for long-term submissives (men and women).
In fact, this type of practice in the BDSM field with beginner male slaves or female slaves cannot be implemented, unless the submissives, even if at their first experience, are really predisposed for that role, and therefore feel ready to live such a situation.
This experience is truly extremely satisfying, both for the Master and for the slaves, because only by staying together for a long time can the perfect feeling be established between the two parties.
Long-term education (including nights) most often includes at least 1 or 2 nights spent together between the Master and the slaves (men or women). But obviously there are also sessions with a duration of several days, even a whole week or two weeks…
I madly love this kind of BDSM situation, and I seek it out with my most devoted and trained slaves.
For example, I as a Master love to tease and torment my submissive (man or woman) even during the night, while he is naked, tied hand and foot with chains, lying on a table.
As a true fetish-BDSM lover, during the long-time education, I worship to torment my slaves (men and women) with drops of hot wax, which I pour little by little on their naked body, first on the bust, especially on the nipples, then on the whole length of the legs and on the feet, finally on the crotch, cock and pussy: it excites me crazy to hear their moans, while the drops of hot wax fall and lean gently and slowly on their naked body…
Another torture to which I subject my submissives while they are chained or bound hand and foot, lying naked on a table, is to masturbate them on the genitals with my hands or with various objects, so as to prevent them from falling asleep well and enjoy against their will! But I know very well that slaves, secretly or not, want just that from their Master!
In long-term education, during BDSM session, another sweet nocturnal torture for my slaves, always while they are chained or tied hand and foot, naked lying on the table: naked, I approach them and I force them to kiss and lick my whole naked body, no area excluded, in particular my little asshole and my jewel of flesh, always hard and erect, and finally I make them drink my golden shower and my spits and then I give them (with my tongue) the goodnight kiss!
To the most deserving and devoted slaves, who love me madly, who adore their Master, during the night I make them eat my delicious caviar, frozen in the freezer, in small pieces, covered with whipped cream!!!
Very exciting of course is the long-term education as a couple, Mistress and Master. Or the education of a submissive couple (man-woman, man-man, woman-woman)! In this case you can really indulge yourself with your imagination and the pleasure is even greater, for both parties!
This happens because the imagination in fetish-BDSM really has no limits and allows you really to make any fantasy come true!
There is nothing more to say, except that only BDSM allows you to reach such high peaks of pleasure in the erotic field!

Photo taken on the site https://it.pictoa.com