Anal treatment

Endless pleasure

Anal treatment plays an important role in BDSM, whether with a female slave or a male slave.
It is one of the most frequent disciplines among those required in fetish-sadomasochistic games.
Everyone likes anal treatment but it’s not for everyone: all slaves, men and women, fantasize about anal treatment, but not everyone can undergo it without problems.
But slaves, men and women, who can receive anal treatment feel over the moon!
And the Master is the first to be happy with this: giving your asshole to your Master is a sign of absolute devotion, in BDSM!
The games that can be played with the asshole during the BDSM session are different and all very exciting.
First of all, to make the anal treatment flawlessly it is always necessary to do a thorough enema to perfectly cleanse the asshole, so that there are no traces of feces.
Clearly the first anal treatment is the penetration with the real cock of the Master: his member penetrates the asshole of the female slave or the male slave to give them pleasure and suffering at the same time!
As Prodom, I am always very excited by the idea of penetrating the asshole of my female slave or my male slave: full nudity is a must for slaves, as well as perfect anal hygiene that must always precede anal treatment!
My slaves love my cock and I love their asshole, a perfect symbiosis! One of the magic of BSDM! Of course, if there is a Mistress with me, for couple sessions, she will use a nice strap on to penetrate the asshole of the female slave or the male slave …
In fetish-BDSM, another anal treatment is done with a dildo, which is also very popular with slaves, men and female.
Another magnificent solution is the anal treatment with butt plug: there are many, some even with brilliant or diamond! Among other things, the butt plug can be kept inside the anus even for the whole day, providing very pleasant sensations to the female slave or to the male slave!
Then, very popular in BDSM is anal penetration with the sex machine, also called fucking machine.
Slaves, men and women, literally go crazy with pleasure and joy for this anal treatment, in sadomasochism! And I too, as a professional Prodom am always very intrigued by these wonderful sex machines!
This because there are many models of fucking machines that allow you to fuck the asshole (and also the pussy in women of course) in different positions! In this way the anal treatment becomes even more pleasant … Only the BDSM game offers these situations!
Among other things, the sex machine allows slaves, men and women, to penetrate their own home even alone, in order to keep their asshole well trained when they find themselves in front of the Master, eager to play with the their asshole!
Finally, for the more predisposed slaves, there is anal penetration with the hand or foot of the Master.
But to do this you really need to have a very elastic asshole: it is important to use the speculum weekly to widen the asshole of the female slave or male slave in order to facilitate the passage of the Master’s hand or foot without pain for the slaves. It is called fisting, but it’s always part of the anal treatment.
As a Master I really like to enter with my hand or my foot in the hot asshole of my female slave or my male slave: I feel their pleasure while my hand or foot is inside them, in their asshole!
Ultimately, anal treatment in BDSM allows for different solutions which, however, all provide mutual pleasure, both to the Prodom and to the slaves.

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