Sex with two or more female/male slaves – part one

Wild sex

In BDSM, for a Master having sex with two or more female slaves or male slaves is a very frequent practice.
The Master loves having sex with multiple slaves, this thing makes him feel even more special!
And the slaves are gratified by having sex with their Master, because they know it is the right reward for their totally obedient behavior towards the Master.
In fact, if the Prodom has sex with the slaves this happens for two circumstances: to punish them for some of their mischief towards him or because the slaves have behaved well and therefore can enjoy the absolute privilege of being able to have sex with the Prodom.
As a Prodom, I really love having sex with two or more female slaves or male slaves, I am very exhibitionist and I have a huge ego, I have a beautiful relationship with my cock and I like to have sex every day, at least once a day!
My slaves know well my sexual appetite and they know that during the day they will have to have sex with me, at least once, in different ways, because I am very imaginative! I am a very uninhibited Master!
During a BDSM fetish session with couples of female slaves I like to fuck one, in the pussy or in the asshole, while the two girls play with each other, lick, touch, kiss, caress, masturbate.
The same happens with two slave guys, I love penetrating the asshole of one of them, while they give each other a good blowjob and kiss eagerly, caress, masturbate, touch each other everywhere…
Sometimes I also have sex using my fantastic fucking machine: a female slave or a male slave are locked hands and wrists while the fucking machine penetrates them and in the meantime they give me a good blowjob, the other female slave or male slave are tied up and have to lick the female slave or male slave who are locked hands and wrists.
A very exciting scene that only BDSM can allow!
If I have sex with two or more slaves, I usually shoot videos which I then calmly review with my slaves.
The BDSM fetish session with two or more slaves always ends with the male slaves and the female slaves who have to lick me and clean my warm and delicious sperm thoroughly to the last drop, otherwise they will have to undergo another session of wild sex with their Master!
I am so sexually addicted, that sometimes, I wake up female slaves or male slaves while they sleep at night to have sex with me!
Also, my slaves know that they must always give me their asshole, because I particularly love to fuck the asshole of women and men and therefore sex with two or more slaves, during or at the end of a BDSM fetish session, always ends with my beautiful anal penetration of both slaves.
My slaves give me their asshole with great pleasure, because they know that their body belongs only to me, their Master!

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