Dirty pleasure

In BDSM, the practice of hot chocolate (also called indifferently caviar) is one of the most extreme. It’s a practice for very few elected slaves: in fact you really have to be a real male slave or a real female slave to be able to suffer it.
There must be an absolute feeling between the Master and the male slave or the female slave to be able to perform the caviar practice, otherwise this very particular game cannot take place.
The slaves must be able to undergo this BDSM practice in complete tranquility, but the same goes for the Master, who must be absolutely sure that the slaves want to do it.
At that point, the result will be optimal for both sides, the slaves and the Master!
The practice of caviar can be done above all in two ways: the first way is the classic one, with the male slave (or female slave) lying on the ground face up, chained to the toilet chair of the Master, who will shit directly on the face or on the body, depending on of the level of preparation reached by the slave in this BDSM game, that is, if the slave is a novice or is very experienced. In this case we can also talk about hot chocolate, regarding this BDSM practice.
Instead, in the second way, the Master can make this extreme practice, even more intriguing and exciting, for gourmet slaves!
In this case the Master can use all the imagination possible, especially if the stools are very consistent, therefore solid: you can freeze the shit in the refrigerator, perhaps cut into small pieces (if the poop is solid) as if it were a delicious dish, like a meat or chicken nugget. And then, make the female slave or male slave eat it after a few days, perhaps covering it with cream and sugar, in order to make it tastier and more delicate.
The female slave (or male slave) must be completely naked, on her knees, with her hands behind her back tied together at the ankles, so that she cannot move.
To make this BDSM game even more intriguing, the female slave (or male slave) can be blindfolded and the Master can place a vibrator on the clitoris or cock, so as to drive her (or him) crazy with pleasure, in order to excite the submissive to the maximum power!
And just as the female slave or male slave screams in pleasure with arousal, the Master very sadistically will have to put the piece of frozen shit, the delicious nugget, in her (or in him) mouth and make her (or him) chew it well, so that the practice of caviar will have reached the peak of pleasure for both sides!
As a professional Master, with my most elected slaves, I often practice the game of caviar, it excites me crazy and I know that they like it very much too, because they can receive this gift that even comes from inside the body of their Master!
It is a very strong emotion that only fetish-BDSM can give!

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