Caging (also overnight)

The pleasure of being in the cage

Living, in the sense of being in a cage and sleeping in a cage is a very exciting experience in fetish-BDSM.
All this while being completely naked, of course!
In fact, total nudity, for the male slave or for the female slave, is the essential element of their slavery towards the Master.
And at the same time is a confirmation of their awareness of their submissive status in BDSM.
In fact, only real submissive women or real submissive men can have such an experience in fetish-BDSM.
Especially if it comes to being in the cage for a long time, also overnight, even for the whole night, or for several nights in a row: and this thing excited the Master very much!
In fact, the Master knows that having the male slave or female slave at complete disposal even during the night, can prevent him or her from a continuous rest, making torture intervals that make the situation extremely pleasant for the Master; but also the slave girl or the slave boy benefit from this situation, because it is what they unconsciously wish to suffer from the Master.
Personally, as a Master, I am very satisfied when I have a female slave or a male slave who want to live this type of experience in the cage: I find it absolutely exciting and rewarding, for me, of course, but also for the slave or the slave.
I give the slaves (men or women) the food in a bowl in the cage, then from time to time I drip drops of hot wax on their bodies and give some whiplash, on the ass and on the legs: the magic of BDSM!
Then I order them to kiss my bare feet: with bare feet I go inside the bowl full of food and then I order the slaves to eat directly from my divine feet and to lick them well; only BDSM provides these emotions!
And then there is the moment of drinking: they drink my golden shower, directly from my cock or in a crystal goblet, the Master’s nectar!
If the female slave or the male slave are deserving, in that case I also satisfy them sexually, making them enjoy: lying on my stomach, tied hands and feet in the cage, I masturbate her pussy or his cock until they cum completely, even several times!
Or I penetrate them anally, always with tied hands and feet … The pleasure of sadomasochism!
As a Prodom, I love to fuck a woman’s or man’s ass in a cage, it literally drives me crazy!
To lubricate their asshole, I spit my saliva on their asshole and then my cock can give the desired joy, to me and the slaves! And this also overnight! Any Prodom loves this situation in BDSM: the woman or the man in the cage even overnight…
For the special slaves, there is also my savory caviar, to be enjoyed as a final dessert: the BDSM dessert!
The fetish-BDSM never ceases to amaze, it offers continuous and infinite emotions …

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