Wax play

Hot wax

In BDSM, one of the most exciting and intriguing games is undoubtedly the one with hot wax: practically everyone likes the hot wax game, both men and women.
Both the slave woman and the slave man generally accept this torment without too many problems, also because this is a torture in the fetish-BDSM world that leaves no temporary marks, and this is a very positive thing.
As a Master I am a true lover of this torment, I love it madly, also because, as already said, it leaves no trace: it causes suffering but no bruises, no wounds. This is a great advantage, especially for slaves who do not like the marks on their skin.
It gives me great pleasure to see the drop of hot wax that from the candle ends up on the skin of my submissive woman or my submissive man, while she or he is tied up or immobilized so that they cannot move. And I am very excited to see their grimace of suffering on their face at the contact of the hot wax on their skin… On the other hand, I am a very perverse Prodom!
In BDSM the game of hot wax is practiced on the male slave or the female slave completely naked, preferably immobilized or tied up, especially if they are slaves that the Master does not know well. If, on the other hand, they are tested slaves, one can experience this delicious torture even if they are not tied up or immobilized, because they certainly know that they must not move and that they must obediently undergo torment with hot wax.
During the fetish-BDSM session with hot wax, I like to make it fall on the most erogenous areas of the slave or slave: then I slowly let fall the drops of hot wax fall on their nipples, their navels, their pussy or cock and testicles, legs and the neck of the feet: then I turn the slaves with their bellies on the table or on the floor and I pour the drops of hot wax on their back, buttocks, asshole, legs and soles of the feet!
It is wonderful to see, during the BDSM session, the drop of hot wax falling on the nipples or on the pussy of the woman, and then on her asshole and on her beautiful feet and to see the pain in her eyes!
And it is also wonderful to see the drops of hot wax fall on the slave’s nipples, on his erect cock, on his balls tightened by a rope and on his asshole already penetrated previously by my beautiful jewel of flesh!
My pleasure is at the zenith when this happens. That’s why fetish-BDSM has no equal in the field of eroticism!
On days when I am particularly perverse, I let fall a drop of hot wax even on the female slave’s tongue or the male slave’s tongue, but my priority, with this torment, is still that of letting the hot wax fall on the nipples, on the pussy, even on the inside, on the asshole and on the feet and then of course on the cock and testicles…
When I do all of this, I feel very accomplished as a Master!

Photo taken on the site https://it.pictoa.com