Sexual punishment

Sex slaves

In the BDSM fetish the sexual punishment of the female slave or the male slave for their mistakes is a very frequent practice.
The Master really enjoys fucking the slave girl or the slave boy, even several times a day.
For example, I am a Master who when I feel like it, that is very often, I like to have sex with my slave woman or with my slave man, I do it; the same happens when they make mistakes, this is not a problem for me: there are many ways to tame even the most rebellious female slaves or male slaves.
In BDSM the same goes if I have a couple of submissive man-woman, woman-woman, man-man.
As a Master, I have a weakness for anal sexual punishment, especially with the slave woman: I like the idea of tying her up, immobilizing her, with her legs open and penetrating her until she pleases like a bitch in heat. Then she will certainly thank me, she will be satisfied, even if she didn’t initially want to have sex with me. But my beautiful cock for women and men and is like a powerful aphrodisiac or miracle medicine! Once a woman or a man tries my amazing cock, they can’t do without it anymore …
Just recently I had a BDSM fetish session with a couple of bisexual slave women who hadn’t done all the tasks I had given them: so I punished them sexually. I have sexually punished them for three uninterrupted hours, gradually reviving in them the pleasure of having sex with their Master, me.
I tied them in bondage, hands and feet, legs spread, one female slave belly up and the other female slave belly down and I possessed them in their pussy and asshole until they repeatedly cum like real ones whores!
Very nice was also a BDSM session with a couple of male-female slaves: I penetrated her anally while her partner was penetrated by my fantastic fucking machine. Then, while the fucking machine penetrated the woman’s pussy and asshole, I penetrated the asshole of the male slave and finally I gave them both to drink my cum: a truly wonderful thing!
I have a female slave who just wants to be penetrated in the asshole: she is my favorite. She has a wonderful ass! But I made her understand that she must give her pussy to me too and even if reluctantly, she agrees to grant my wish, during the BDSM fetish session.
During a BDSM session, when I have sex with her for sexual punishment, I always put handcuffs on her wrists and ankles so she can’t move: this turns her on and I love it too! She knows she can’t do anything, she can’t refuse, she can only welcome my hard erect cock inside her, pussy or asshole, multiple times until she and I cum in our hot moods.
Only the BDSM fetish allows these situations and elevates them to the highest level, it is truly unique!

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