Fucking machine

Sex toys Sex toys play a very important role in BDSM. Among these sex toys, the absolute best is the fucking machine.The fucking machine, in fact, in fetish-BDSM allows to fully satisfy both the desires of the slaves, women or men, and the perverse pleasure of the Master.It is a truly fabulous toy: tireless and […]

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Education (from soft to hard)

Discipline In BDSM, the education of male and female slaves is an absolutely fundamental aspect.In fact, with it the Master makes sure that submissives, men and women, are perfectly able to satisfy his every desire, from the simplest to the most complicated, the most difficult.It is one of the things that makes the fetish-BDSM sector

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CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)

Prohibition of erection The torture of cock and balls, abbreviated to CBT in English, in the fetish-sadomasochistic game is one of the most requested practices, when the man is involved as a slave, as a submissive.This happens, whether there is a Mistress or a Master to lead the BDSM game.The slave is always very excited

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Role-playing games (also as Master for fetish / BDSM fantasies)

Fetish BDSM what a passion! One of the most requested services by women and couples as part of the escort service is undoubtedly that as Master in fetish-BDSM games.Indeed, starting from the 2000s this type of service has certainly had a great surge in consensus among customers, all “passionately” crazy about fetish-sadomasochistic games.In fact, this

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Fetish BDSM Bondage is one of the most used practice in fetish-BDSM. It is a practice that gives great satisfaction to the Master who practices it, but also to the slave man / slave girl who undergoes it. It consists in tying or locking the slave and this game can last even hours in BDSM.

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