Personal slave, male and female

Use of the personal slave

As a professional Master, many clients, men and women, want to be my personal slaves, during fetish-BDSM games.
This role is the essence of being a sub in the BDSM fetish industry.
To be, or rather, to become a personal slave, is the highest ambition of any true slave, male or female.
This means being employed by the Master whenever he wants it, a real addiction that the Prodom allows only to the most faithful and deserving slaves, men and women.
It generally involves being completely naked, men and women, in front of the Prodom or Master, and being a waiter or servant even 24 hours a day.
I love having a slave man or a slave girl in my employ: it is my gift for those (males and females) who show themselves most suitable and deserving to serve and adore me, even after the actual fetish-BDSM session.
My personal slaves absolutely must be completely naked, 24 hours a day. They can never wear any clothes, they clean the studio naked, eat naked at my feet, serve me naked, cook naked, sleep naked.
In short, to be my personal slave, male or female, in fetish-BDSM games, it must always be completely naked in front of me!
As a true sadist Master, during the service of the personal slave (man and woman), I punish them sometimes, because then I know that they too are happy to receive my punishment, so much so that afterwards they work even better and with more joy!
The best punishment is spanking, with a whip or with bare hands, a very exciting thing in fetish-BDSM.
The best reward is instead, drinking my very healthy golden shower, straight from my source, my beautiful cock! Or kiss and lick my beautiful ass and especially my asshole for a long time!
This is the magic of being my personal slave, man or woman!
Sometimes, I offer my golden shower in a crystal glass, to make the moment even more solemn!
In this situation, the Master, that is me, derives maximum pleasure…….
As a Master, I also have many man and woman couples who do my personal slaves, during fetish-BDSM games.
With the couple of personal slaves, my sadism reaches its peak: I vent on them all my bizarre desires, all my most whimsical fantasies!
And above all, the couple male and female is always penetrated, fucked by me, during the fetish-sadomasochistic game.
And the couple of personal slaves is also obliged by me to eat my delicious caviar, as well as drink my golden shower!
Yes, the male and female couple as a personal slave is my absolute favorite.
And the couple, man and woman, seeks and wants a Prodom like me, a Master to serve and adore, who lays bare their wildest fantasies and their weaknesses.
In fact, I am also in great demand abroad, indeed, perhaps more abroad, for fetish-sadomasochistic sessions with personal slaves.
Because everyone, men, women and couples, desire and want to be, at least once in their life, my personal slaves, slaves of a professional Master, even 24 hours a day!
This too is the irresistible atmosphere and magic of fetish-sadomasochism!

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