Education (from soft to hard)


In BDSM, the education of male and female slaves is an absolutely fundamental aspect.
In fact, with it the Master makes sure that submissives, men and women, are perfectly able to satisfy his every desire, from the simplest to the most complicated, the most difficult.
It is one of the things that makes the fetish-BDSM sector more intriguing.
But how exactly does the education of submissives, men and women, take place? What tools or words does the Prodom use to perfectly educate the female slave or the male slave in fetish sadomasochism?
In fact, the Master has many tools to make female slaves or male slaves perfect for his wishes.
One of the most important tools in the possession of the Prodom is of course his authority: this, in BDSM, places him several steps above the submissive, man or woman.
The authority in BDSM can be developed in many ways: with words, first of all.
Then with the real ways of doing.
With the ways of doing there is the instrument of torture: this allows the Master total control over the submissives, women or men, and at the same time, it allows them to get closer to the wishes of the Master!
All slaves like to feel badly treated, because they know very well that they are inferior to the Master. So the slaves, women and men, greatly appreciate when the Master insults them or raises his voice to reproach them for something they have done badly, or have not done, so disobeying the Prodom!
The slaves are items for the Prodom, to be used as and when he pleases.
One of the most frequent situations in which there is education, from soft to hard, in the Master-slaves relationship, is when the submissives, women or men, are completely naked in front of their Master.
In fact, total nudity already means a lot in BDSM: through it, in fact, the slaves communicate to their Master their complete availability to submission, in whatever way it happens.
And, with nudity, the Master can more easily tame (yes, that’s right, because for the Prodom it is a question of having to do as with animals) the female slave or the male slave.
The naked female slave or the naked male slave, know that, naked, they will suffer more from the corporal punishment inflicted on them by the Master: it is one of the magic of fetish-bdsm!
As for the tortures to educate perfectly the slaves, they are truly innumerable, in fetish-BDSM!
For example, house cleaning, completely naked, with corporal punishment in case of carelessness, or staying in a cage all night, always totally naked, the slave tied hands and feet, with the cock forced by the cockrings to always stay erect, if man, or the slave tied hands and feet, with a vibrator on the clitoris, if woman. And the Master will pass by to watch them suffering from constricting genitals, eager for an infinite orgasm: the unique magic of bdsm!
And then we cannot forget, in sadomasochism, education through sexual punishment, among which anal sodomy stands out!
That’s right, fetish-BDSM knows no boundaries…

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