Female genital torture

Infinite pleasure

In BDSM a torture that the female slave and the Master really like is definitely the torture of the female genitals.
The slave girl is in fact very excited by the idea that her Master can play with her most intimate part of the body; and the Master is also very excited by the fact of being able to freely dispose of the vagina of his female slave in sadomasochism.
In this case, in the BDSM fetish, an atmosphere of arousal to spasm is created: the female slave cannot wait to be punished, to enjoy and to suffer at the same time, while the Master can vent his perversion completely, in so that he is totally satisfied.
Like Prodom, I am a great expert in female genital torture: it is a practice that I love, the one that satisfies me the most, in BDSM.
There are many ways to punish the slave girl in her vagina, in her pussy, which must always be completely shaved. This is a must, in sadomasochism, the female slave must be completely shaved in her intimate area, so she will enjoy more. In fact, the shaved pussy is more sensitive to touch, than the Master, of course, but also than any object that touches the vagina.
When the Master plays with his slave girl’s pussy, she must always be tied up, this in BDSM fetish is called bondage, with ropes, with handcuffs or with metal cuffs and anklets that prevent the female slave from moving: the legs are completely open, wide open, so that the Prodom can act on her shaved, completely shaved pussy!
At that point the Master fucks the female slave with his erect cock, or with dildos of various sizes.
Or the Master, plays with his slave girl’s pussy: with hot wax, drops that fall slowly on her pussy, giving pain and pleasure to his female slave at the same time: the magic of BDSM fetish!
Or the Master plays, during the BDSM fetish, with the pussy of his slave woman with the clothespins that tighten all the pussy, always causing suffering and enjoyment!
Torture with clothespins on the vagina also drives me crazy: it is in fact a torture that leaves no marks but works very well in the BDSM fetish.
We must not forget the needles: gently threaded into the labia majora and the labia minora of the pussy.
This punishment, in BDSM, is for the most deserving female slaves, that is, those who are at the highest level of slavery and devotion to their Prodom.
I am, as a Master, very excited to see the blood slowly covering my slave woman’s pussy.
And then there’s the clitoral torture, the most sensitive part of the pussy ever. The Master wants to torture the clitoris of his bitch slave!
The female slave is in bondage, with her legs open, the Master licks and gently bites her clitoris, making her enjoy to the spasm, the slave asks her Prodom for a break, but the Master has to go on and make his bitch slave enjoy the most!
That’s right: vaginal torture offers the Master infinite possibilities in the BDSM fetish game.
And this, of course, benefits the bitch slave who knows that her Master will play with her pussy in the most appropriate way!
There is nothing to do, only sadomasochism can give these very strong emotions, it can get to live moments of perversion, of absolute pleasure!

Photo taken from the site https://www.extremerestraints.com/the-forced-orgasm-tower.html

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