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I've always asked to myself, if I'm a master or a sadist. The answer: both.
Ambition, exhibitionism, domination and obedience at the same time play for me always an important role.
As a rule, I got always what I wanted. So it's also today.
Over the years my demands are naturally grown,
I don't like monotony.

I want more, much more, always more.

It's fun for me, the world of fetish/bdsm: I really love to see a person to suffer my superiority, I like to have a person in front of me obedient, helpless and submissive.

Working as a master is a passion for me, it's not just a game for me, it's not just a profession.
Fetish/bdsm is my way of life, even daily.

If I can give free rein to my instinct for the game, I'm in my element, I'm ready to exceed the limits. I like to play with my prey.
If I do this, what you want, it's purely coincidental. You can only be grateful to me for that. Nothing more, nothing less!

Erik Master & fetish performer


Name: Erik

Height: 1,76

Weight:  65 kg

Shoe size:  43

Piercings: No

Tattoos:  No

Sexual Preferences:  Bisexual

Interests: Sports, italian food, books, cinema, travels, sports cars, all expensive things, and of course good sex without inhibitions, in all its forms.

My character: I am an exhibitionist and uninhibited person, I love life, sex, fetish and bdsm

Roles: I'm a Master switch, but as a slave I'm ONLY available for photoshootings and videos.

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